Because Merchantsoft has seen fit to merge our zones NO WARNING and SEVERELY LIMIT our download speeds, the remaining members of the 5 DELETED zones have come together to form the SOVEREIGN ALLIANCE of IMAGINATION.

We have decided, in unison, to delist our pages and form our own "Zone," free from the control of Merchansoft.

Come visit and explore The Freelands!

In October of 1999 Merchantsoft destroyed 5 of Hypnospace's strongest communities by condensing them all into one zone. Our pages now load half as quickly as well. No one knows why it happened, it just did.

Now, instead of having 5 Community Leaders for each Zone, we just have one - and the person they picked is just a friend of Merchantsoft. If you don't have a community leader there's no way to report issues directly to Merchantsoft outside of waking up and emailing or phoning them.

By making our own "Zone List" in the form of Freelands, we can self-moderate and rebuild.